Lesson for President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The time for Kenyans to rise up and take action has come. We will not let and witness our nation being led to the 'dogs'. The time is nigh for patriots.

What KAPS Tickets Tell Us About Malls in Nairobi

Kenya’s public consumption is a key driver of the economy. Let’s recap the Westgate Terror attack, which had some effects on the financial markets whereby The NSE 20 share index went down 12.40 points to close at 4, 739.42 points.
The local currency was also weaker on that Monday trading at a mean of Sh87.42 to the dollar the previous morning compared to Sh87.38 on Friday.


If Nairobi is experiencing a glut in shopping malls, then KAPS would the first to know. The company enjoys a near monopoly in managing parking lots for malls in the country – and with that, collect tonnes of data on mall traffic. I spent the better part of the December holiday and early this year rummaging through mall trash bins to find this data.

The escapade started off in Nanyuki town at Nanyuki Mall, then to United Mall in Kisumu, through to Zion Mall in Eldoret and finally to eight malls in Nairobi. In the excursion, I came to realise that the ease of finding disposed tickets varied with each mall. However, a pattern started to build up – malls with outdoor activities had fewer disposed tickets than the ones without. So I started paying attention to how each mall is utilising its extra space.

If you are observant, you’ll…

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‘Hyenas’ of leadership in Africa.

AFRICA AT SHAME!! Poor leadership is something we gossip about, it is something that we protest about, it is something whose pessimistic impact we distinguish, it is something that even bad leaders… Source: ‘Hyenas’ of leadership in Africa.

Unexpected Benefits of Toastmasters

Back in the spring of 2006 I joined a local Toastmasters club, and in retrospect, this was probably one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. I should have joined much sooner. My dad … Source: Unexpected Benefits of Toastmasters

Sustainable Development Goal 8; Decent Work and Economic Growth.

I am a 2nd year Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) student, in Strathmore University. A few minutes ago, I was strolling to the Railways bus station in town. As we speak, I am in a Wamasaa matatu, booming some cool hip-hop tunes. I instantly pounced on my mini fries that I had bought at Bakers Inn …


Asali na nyuki

Dear life,

How I waited eagerly for your hungry jaws to devour me! Strip me of my innocence and feast on my naivety. The stories of the freedom you give bring me so much gladness. I cannot wait to impose my morality on your streets. I know the two of us will do just fine together.We shall have great times and hopefully none of the bad ones. Which perhaps is my reason for writing this letter. I feel that your expectations are a little too high and are posing great challenges on my lifestyle and reputation which I have struggled to build for ages and it shall not be tampered with.

 First and foremost we have to do something about the sun. You see, I’m not a morning person and this is a threat to my beauty sleep. I’m sure you are aware that every ‘beautiful’ girl needs her ‘beauty’ sleep. It…

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